About the Jurisdictional Executive Secretary

The Office of the Jurisdictional Executive Secretary is responsible for developing and maintaining data pertaining to the Texas Greater Southeast Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of the Church Of God In Christ and oversees the credentialing of those engaged in the ministry of the Church. In addition, the office certifies delegates to the General Assembly of the National Church, publishes official documents and certificates, maintains the official record of Jurisdictional Assembly proceedings, distributes pertinent information to the constituents of the Church within the Jurisdiction, plays a pivotal role in church: legal matters, collects and reports church statistics, maintains an accurate database of credential holders, officers, churches and districts, and keeps an archive of historical documents from across the church, including, books, jurisdictional and district records, and photographs and memorabilia of historical value. In addition, the Office of the Jurisdictional Executive Secretary is an integral part of all ceremonial activities, inaugurals, celebrations and ecumenical services. The Jurisdictional Executive Secretary is the official keeper of the TGSE#1 seal, Registered Agent for the Church and signatory on all official documents.