About the Adjutancy

The Adjutancy Corps of Texas Greater Southeast First Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction is a subdivision of the National Adjutancy Corps of the Church of God in Christ, Inc. which comprises a team of men and women who are united and organized to help make ministry work.  

The Church of God in Christ has made choice of the military terms “Adjutant” or “Adjutancy” to describe this ministry.  It is important that the Adjutant and all others know and understand that the National Adjutancy Corps is the property of the Presiding Bishop. The Corps exists to carry out his wishes.

The Mission & Objective

The mission of the Adjutancy Corps is followed and adopted by the mission of our National Adjutancy which is to “Sanctify the Leader in the eyes of the people.”

The objective is to assist and advise the Office of the Jurisdictional Bishop on standardizing and enacting the fundamentals of our ceremonial, liturgical and protocol traditions at the jurisdictional level. To teach God’s armorbearers how to serve God’s people in the tabernacle as well as motivate and inspire servants to stand with their leaders to help him/her fulfill God’s vision and help you submit fully as unto the Lord.  Our Jurisdictional Chief Adjutant is Pastor David Buckley, Jr.  He is also an National Adjutant Overseer in our National Church and Regional Adjutant Overseer Coordinator in the South Region. Our Adjutant General of the Church of God in Christ, Inc. is the Bishop Robert G. Rudolph of Arkansas.


Some of the responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Preparation for the Consecration and Installation of new Bishops;
  • The dignified execution of Homegoing Celebrations for deceased Leaders;
  • Assisting the Presiding Bishop (Jurisdictional Bishop in this instance) in the orderly conduction of National ceremonial occasions (Jurisdictional in this instance), as well as,
  • Performing any other duty that the Presiding Bishop (Jurisdictional Bishop in this instance) may assign.

Join the Adjutancy

If you have the strong desire to serve the people of God, the Adjutancy is looking for you.  To join, click the button below and you will be directed to complete the following form.  A member of the Adjutancy will be in contact with you.